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Fairn Whatley

Mystical Migration
Co-Director, Producer, Photographer
Mobile, Alabama
Every aspect of life is important and thankfully every aspect of life has many advocates. My current creative passion has me advocating for the Monarch butterfly and pollinators in general. When my creative partner, Suzanne, and I were asked to make a documentary film of the Monarch, we had no idea how many fun doors of opportunity would fly open. We've twice been to Mexico to film the overwintering grounds of the Monarch butterfly. The film's message has influenced so many people to also become advocates, planting milkweed and nectar flowers to support these and other pollinators. After all, one-third of the foods we eat was first pollinated by a pollinator. May we all experience passion and excitement while meandering along the path our creative nudges take us!

It is a tremendous joy to have our "little-film-that-could" be selected by the 22nd Annual Sidewalk Film Festival!